Leader of raschel lace
Single raschel lace
Double raschel lace
Single raschel lace
Factory 2
Factory 2
Single raschel lace
Single raschel lace - Lace, which is called as a flower of clothes, is applied to various ways including womenĄŻs wear and bedding, and also to outwears through continuous technology development.
Market trend & analysis Design
Development of product Warping
Weaving Perching
Dyeing processing Finished product
Double raschel lace
Single raschel lace - Product
No. DCN7120
Design No. EH-5012
SPEC. Nylon
No. DCN7121
Design No. EH-5016
SPEC. Nylon
No. DCN7122
Design No. R-2460(C)
SPEC. Nylon+Cotton
No. DCN7123
Design No. R-2462(M)
SPEC. Nylon+Silver mettalic
No. DCN7124
Design No. R-2178(R)
SPEC. Nylon+Rayon
No. DCN7125
Design No. R-2500
SPEC. Rayon+Nylon
No. DCN7127
Design No. R-2206
SPEC. Nylon+Span
No. DCN7129
Design No. R-2448(280D)
SPEC. Nylon+Cotton
No. DCN7130
Design No. EH-5008
SPEC. Nylon
No. DCN7131
Design No. EH-5006
SPEC. Nylon
No. DCN7133
Design No. EH-5002
SPEC. Nylon
Factory 1 - 55 Hosan-ro 2-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu (within Seongseo 3rd Industrial Complex), Factory 2 - 50 Dalseong 2nd Seo-ro, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (within Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex)