Leader of raschel lace
CEO greeting
CEO greeting
To the world, to the future - Leader of raschel lace
Thank you for visit the website of EHWA Lace.
Since the establishment of Ehwa Lace in 1986, we grew as a representative lace manufacturer in Korea through continuous technology development and facility investment based on stable financial structure by substantial management. In this global business environment, we stepped ahead to adapt the latest machines and manufactures various items including sophisticated artificial fur, mesh computer jacquard lace, raschel lace, and others to be more competitive, and exports to numerous countries around the world, including North and South Americas, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
Moreover, we put the priority in grasping customer needs and have pride to lead the trend as not just manufacturing lace fabrics. We continuously research and develop products by focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction.
We are also recognized for the best product value based on domestic and overseas distribution network and technology know-how which remained for tens of years, and today, we still put much effort to develop new products and maintain the best quality. Furthermore, we seek to expand to industrial resources field to leap further as products are widely used in daily life, such as outwear, stuffed toy, and bedding, and moving forward to diversify the business.

In the future, we promise you to take mutual growth of company, employees and customers as the best value, and lead clear and transparent ethical management. Also we will try our utmost to become an enterprise where always challenges and pursues new. Please encourage and advice us to allow Ehwa Lace to grow and develop consistently with your much interest.
Thank you.

President Chun-Heon, Park
Factory 1 - 55 Hosan-ro 2-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu (within Seongseo 3rd Industrial Complex), Factory 2 - 50 Dalseong 2nd Seo-ro, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (within Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex)